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Dean Laumbach Consulting, LLC caters to those who are as passionate about Collector Cars as I am. My clients are a little more than just regular “carguys”. They willingly admit that they are totally consumed by the hobby, just like I do. There is not a major car show, Concours D’ Elegance, or Collector Car Auction on the East Coast where I won’t be in attendance.

Initially, my services were limited to collector car restoration, reconditioning, and preservation services with our focus primarily on post war to 1991 Mercedes Benz vehicles. In the early 2000’s, our services expanded to online auctions when a client of mine had his 1988 Porsche 911 Turbo completely reconditioned by my company for resale purposes.

Before bringing the vehicle to us, his prior attempts at trading in the vehicle at a dealership were quite disappointing, to say the very least. He asked me if I would present the vehicle to the market and I suggested using Ebaymotors. After taking 75 highly-detailed photos of the air cooled turbo, I placed it on Ebaymotors. After just 10 days on Ebaymotors, I sold the vehicle for $10k dollars over the owner’s desired price.

From that day on, we have been offering vehicle consignment services to all our clients. We have established a sterling reputation on Ebaymotors with over $3 million in annual sales.

Today, our services range from:


  • Vehicle Acquisitions
  • Vehicle Inspections
  • Total Collector Car Management Services


  • Consignment Services
  • Reselling of Collector Cars
  • Live Auctioneering – certified professional auctioneers (NJSSA Association)


  • Restorations
  • Reconditioning
  • Preservation
  • Collector Car Management

Our new website will be our “channel” to keep clients and perspective clients up to date with what we are working on in the shop.

It will also serve as a hub for active listings of vehicles available for purchase by those inside of our vast network.

Lastly, this website will also serve as my blog to rant about current market trends in the collector car world. I’ll use it to give some very opinionated insight into the values of collector cars and the direct impact of the vehicle’s condition. I’ll use it to feature our client’s most unique vehicles, and to write unapologetically about some of the vehicles I admire the most in regards to performance, reliability, safety and the beauty of design.

For me, it’s all about condition.

Rarity, mileage, and condition X 10!

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