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No.l cradled the old demon's head. 'He called me a warlock,' he said tearfully. 'I am not alone.'

'Don't you find that tiresome?'

the Massimo Bellini Theater, Catania, Eastern Sicily

Holly bought a ticket from the gnome attendant, then settled into a seat two rows behind the target. The theatre "Was pretty quiet at this time of day. There were maybe fifty patrons besides themselves. Most of them weren't even "Wearing theatre goggles. This was just somewhere to put in a few hours between meals.

Minerva fumed for several moments, but she knew Papa was right. She had no business detaining intelligent crea-tures. It was cruelty, nothing less. Especially when they intended no harm. But she could not just give up. Minerva silently resolved that Artemis Fowl would be her next proj-ect. She would find out all about the Irish boy, and what he knew of demons.

Billy Kong sighed. Lately everyone under five feet seemed to think it was their prerogative to give him verbal abuse.

Holly stifled a laugh. 'So it was luck. The great Artemis Fowl trumps the mighty Foaly thanks to dumb luck.'

'You can ask him your self. That's him, the big one elbow-ing his way to the head of the group.'


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